Yat Article The Soul of the American Actor -


Christopher Fettes, renowned theatre practitioner and highly-regarded acting teacher in the UK and around the world has created a new book – A Peopled Labyrinth: The Histrionic Sense: An Analysis of the Actor’s Craft, dealing comprehensively with ‘The Histrionic Sense’ or the Law of Expression of the application of Yat Malmgren’s work. 

Mr. Fettes’ book is an engrossing journey into Yat Malmgren’s technique of actor training, stemming from the creation of one of the great English acting schools: Drama Centre, London. Yat Malmgren’s work continues through the training at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting taught by Mr. Fettes and Giles Foreman, successor to Yat Malmgren. 

Yat Malmgren - The Soul of the American Actor - (pdf)